Mi Tierra at Tierra Pacifica and Pueblo Verde

Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Organic Farm and Nursery • Compost and Biochar • Local Food Products   

Mi Tierra EntranceWelcome to Finca Mi Tierra, a 10-acre organic farm at the Tierra Pacifica environmental development in Costa Rica’s Guanacaste province. Since its founding five years ago, our farm has grown to include much more than just fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Our practices are restoring the soil, recycling wastes and teaching local land owners how to generate income from farming.    Today, we sell our organic produce and food products under the Mi Tierra brand, and encourage a healthy local economy by helping farmers and food producers find markets for their fine quality products including fruits, vegetables, honey and eggs.   



Strengthening Local Food SystemThe Mayan-inspired chinampas, or raised berms combined with sunken beds, that we use at Mi Tierra farm allow us to produce perennial crops all year—even in the dry season. The sunken bed design enriches the soil by capturing water and sediment in the wet season and growing vegetable crops from December through May.    We also test seed varieties and growing methods at Mi Tierra, and provide a demonstration center for local land owners to learn to optimize their farmland.    Mi Tierra’s expanded nursery offers ornamental, edible and conservation plants for sale.   



Mi Tierra sign with fallen mangos.Our compost and biochar operation uses organic wastes—like the fallen mangoes you see here—to create organic fertilizers that naturally enrich the farm’s soil. We also experiment with biochar, a soil amendment created through low-heat combustion of organic matter. Biocharprovides long-term nutrients and helps soil hold water and fertility while storing carbon captured from the atmosphere.


Mi Tierra sells our fresh, organic Mi Tierra-brand produce—including our famous chileros hot sauce—through area restaurants, farmers’ markets and supermarkets, and at the Mi Tierra Garden Center at Pueblo Verde “forest farm” development. Local customers can also enjoy products like honey and prepared foods, grown by area farmers.  For more information on Mi Tierra email us.   




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