Articles by Will Raap

A Community That Rebuilds Its Topsoil Builds Its Long-Term Wealth

Restoring a River Valley One Business At a Time

An Innovative Community Powers Itself and the City of South Burlington with Renewable Energy

Regenerating Regional Economies: Vermont as a Model

The “New Economy” Can Strengthen Vermont’s Working Landscape

E.F. Schumacher: He Taught Us To Build Bridges and Plant Trees

Individuals, Organizations and Businesses Working for Change


Strengthening Local Food Systems South Village


South Village

Tierra Pacifica

Restoring Our Watershed

Intervale Center

Intervale Food Hub

Gardener’s Supply Company

Vermont Farm to Plate Initiative

Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

Vermont Sustainable Agriculture Council

Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility

New Economics Institute

Slow Money
Founded by Woody Tasch, this nonprofit organization connects investors to local food systems, guided by principles that bring money back “down to earth.”



Employing Renewable Energy


Farm at South Village Solar Array


Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan

Heart Transverter



Restoring Ecosystem Health


The Earth Partners

Restoring Our Watershed

Pueblo Verde

Tierra Pacifica

Reforest Teak

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