My Top 5 World-Changing Gardening Innovations from 2014

I garden in Vermont 8 months each year, and then we have a winter garden in Costa Rica.  This leads to very different gardening challenges.  I am always looking for new and better solutions for my garden and so much the better if they help with the big issues I see us wrestling with now and in the future: loss of biodiversity, depletion of soil, water resources and ecosystems, and climate change.

So, here are my current favorite World-Changing Gardening Innovations”…

Groasis works for trees as well as vegetables 

1. Groasis: let the desserts bloom

It is rare to find a gardening innovation that saves water, reduces fertilizer use, builds soil and leads to 90% survival of trees and plants even in the harshest climates and without added irrigation.  That’s what the innovative new Groasis delivers. 

Test Groasis in your own garden, for FREE.  You will be part of a world-wide program of reforesting deserts, feeding a billion hungry people living on degraded lands, and restoring soil and ecosystems.

Our First Steamed Milkweed Greens of the Year (like Spinach, Green Beans)

2. Plant Milkweed to Save the Monarchs (and feed yourself)

In the past decade I learned to view common Milkweed as much more than a weed.  It is a uniquely important plant critical for the survival of the Monarch butterfly. I wrote this piece last year about the importance of milkweed as a food source and breeding habitat for Monarch butterflies when I learned 90% fewer Monarchs made it from the US to Mexico to overwinter. I encourage gardeners to help reverse this Monarch emergency. Just plant some easy-to-grow common milkweed seed.

You control the flow

3. Every drop of water counts

The new “Deluxe Micro Snip N Drip Irrigation Kit” makes it easy customize micro drippers to deliver pinpoint-precision watering that sets up in minutes. You can set up pinpoint-precision, root-zone drip irrigation in minutes and flow controls let you fine-tune watering, even from a rain barrel.  You will get healthier plants and use 90% less water.

4. Can the ‘sun’ indoors, and kill those blasted spider mites?

Here’s an idea for a product that does not yet exist, but it should, for indoor gardeners? It turns out that certain spectrums of light are 100% lethal to some insects. Someone could figure out the light spectrum that kills spider mite larvae and work that into a next-generation LED grow light array. Then, we would have an energy efficient lighting solution with built-in insect control and every indoor gardener would be interested in it. Any “makers” out there?

5. Gardening and wifi

The Edyn Garden Sensor and Water Valve monitors and tracks environmental conditions so that outdoor plants can maximize their health potential. The system includes the Edyn garden sensor, water valve, and a supplemental app, which helps you monitor soil quality and make sure the garden is healthy any time of day. It’s too complicated for my disorganized approach to gardening but if you try it please let me know how you like it.


To reverse global warming, we must first rethink agriculture

6. (Sorry, one more BIG idea).  Gardening with ”The Carbon Underground”           

Last year I wrote about how regenerative agriculture can help solve climate change. Here’s a great new article on the topic.

And here is a smart new advocacy organization to check out, The Carbon Underground!

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