NASA’s Amazing Video Makes You Appreciate Composting and Organic Growing!

I read a very interesting article last month – Nature Wants Her Carbon Back .  It made a strong case that slowing the ravages of climate change and indeed reversing the core problem of carbon dioxide (CO2) build up in the atmosphere is possible simply by doing what all good gardeners do.  We use organic matter to make compost and we enrich the soil with organic matter to grow better crops.

This process is possible through the 'magic' of photosynthesis by plants capturing CO2 in the air, and breaking down the molecules to release oxygen we all need and to feed the remaining carbon to the web of life above and below the soil.  The carbon is stored in healthier soil, roots, plants and trees.  We see the benefits of nature 'vacuuming' CO2 from the atmosphere every time we harvest an organic tomato or enrich a kitchen garden with compost.

The article made the point that up to half of CO2 emissions today result from industrial agriculture and its toxic chemicals that prevent nature from absorbing carbon and kill soil life.  Plus, that by "transforming even a small part of industrial agriculture land to healthier, regenerative methods can lead to sequestering more than 100% of current CO2 emissions in just three years".  Makes sense! We know in three years of good organic gardening practices our gardens can become alive and make our yards healthier.  Turns out the same is true for the whole planet!

The video above shows a wonderful new NASA computer simulation visualizes CO2 flows around the world (read National Geographic's excellent writeup on the video). In the simulation, plumes of the greenhouse gas spew into the atmosphere from major industrial and agricultural centers, swirling around the globe carried by the seasons and winds (see video above and ).  This is "pollution" in action.  But with more regenerative agriculture this CO2 pollution can be transformed into healthy and productive gardens, farms forests and ecosystems.  We can partner with nature to put the atmosphere back in balance.

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