Legalized home marijuana gardening: What’s your opinion?

What is by many accounts the hottest crop in home gardening today?

Hint #1:               It is not tomatoes.

Hint #2:               It is neither flower nor vegetable.  It is an herb.

Hint #3:               It is not a weed, but is often referred to as “weed.”

OK all you baby boomers, if you haven’t gotten it by now, you lose your AARP-BSC card (AARP But Still Cool).  If the marijuana legalization trend continues the hottest home gardening crop in the U.S. (both for indoor cultivation and outdoor growing) may quickly become marijuana.

At last count 22 States and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana use for medicinal purposes, with most of those allowing homegrown plants with proper legal approval. Home gardening of marijuana for recreational purposes has been approved in two states – Colorado and Washington, and more are likely.

While there have always been companies selling lots of equipment to help gardeners grow crops “indoors,” not surprisingly this recent legalization has led to an explosion of interest in serving this “growing” market.  But individual views on the medical and recreational legalization of marijuana are still highly divided.  Among the many arguments for and against marijuana legalization, some believe legalized marijuana will provide needed medicine to many and boost tax coffers and the economy overall (as Colorado seems to be proving), while unburdening law enforcement, our court systems and our prisons. Others believe that marijuana is immoral, a danger to users, children and others, and a “gateway” to harder drug use.

But what do home gardeners think about this issue as we are interested in your perspective?  As a company, Gardener’s Supply takes pride in helping our customers become better gardeners and grow their best gardens ever. We help gardeners grow everything from astibles to zinnias, from Roma tomatoes to Jerusalem artichokes.  So, should we help our customers be successful at growing marijuana as we are getting more interest in our Vermont garden centers and from catalog and web customers across the US?  We’d like your opinion.  Would you please take this quick and anonymous survey?

Thank you!

Please also feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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One Response to “Legalized home marijuana gardening: What’s your opinion?”

  1. Ann roberts says:

    I am an aging hippy. Who rarely indulged in the weed. But now that I am 60 years old with a condition that causes extreme muscle stiffness and pain, I would live to have it available for at least medicinal use. And yes , I would want to grow it myself. I want control over the variety and want to grow it organically. I know many would go for a higher THC content but I would actually prefer a lower content but with a good ratio if the other cannibinoids.  If our state ever starts a referendum I will be first to sign. I will help march on the capital. What ever it takes. And I will be first to grow it when and if it is ever legalized in the state of Tennessee. 

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