What’s On Your Plate?

For a short and engaging explanation of why the industrial food system that our nation and the world has been promoting and subsidizing since WWII is not the long term solution we need, check out the video What’s on Your Plate, just released by the University of Vermont (also available HERE).

While our country’s food policy has produced an abundance of cheap calories, it has also had huge consequences:

*Control over our food system is now in the hands of a few   mega-corporation
*Millions of small family farms have failed
*Tens of thousands of rural economies have failed
*Half of our country’s topsoil has been lost
*Our rivers, aquifers and oceans have been despoiled
*We have unprecedented diet-related health epidemic

But new winds are blowing here in Vermont and around the country as consumers choose more local, healthy, sustainably grown food. Even a few people in Washington DC are beginning to recognize the failure of six decades of “Big Ag” policy. With Congress on summer recess and a new election season upon us, this is a great time to encourage your elected representatives to support a more balanced food policy. Find out how to contact them HERE.

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